Forget everything you know… or think you know… About workouts, getting in shape, and getting healthy.

Welcome to FandomFit! So very fun, so very different, it’s just so… you!

What Makes it Different??

Team Based

You are not alone in this. We are in this together. Bring your group, your squad, your House, and your tribe. Support each other, accept the challenges, and become who you were meant to be. Your team will be against other teams! Scores matter and challenges vary to keep it interesting! Never get bored!

Points Based

Haven’t worked out in a while? Don’t worry, the points system lets you compete with the jackrabbits! Your scores are based on calculations that account for personal bests, efforts, age, and starting weights. Are you a professional athlete? (Really?) You must push yourself to keep up with those who are starting from scratch. They are showing tremendous courage and overcoming huge obstacles. Only points are displayed. The playing field is even!


You are very welcome here. Bring your enthusiasm for Hogwarts, the Winchesters, The Doctors, The Great Houses of Westeros, and the Force. (And Holmes, and Kirk v Picard, and heck, Is Friendship really magic? Perhaps we should ask Gandalf!) Your skills are needed! Prove that Hufflepuff is the greatest, ride for Rohan, and salute District 12. Go big or go home!

Win Prizes

There will be medals, trophies, crowns, and cups to be won! (Every challenge is different with different prizes) Display them proud in your home for all your friends to be jealous of. Encourage your friends to join the next challenge. Win shirts and coffee mugs and So much win!!

What People Are Saying

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