“I can have fun with members of my team even though we live in different states!”

“The community is amazing. No matter what team you’re on, or where you are in your journey; this community will always support you.”

“This group is amazing, it’s fun to compete as a team even when my team mates are on the other side of the world. It’s so much better with friends.”

“This is a really enjoyable way to get motivated to be healthy. “

“I have learned some great healthy eating recipes from my fellow FandomFitters! Also, my run times just keep getting better!”

“FandomFit has kept me consistent by knowing there will be another challenge each month.”

“The nutrition challenges showed me where I need to clean up my diet and I changed my daily eating. I hit my goal weight and feel much better!”

“I am MUCH healthier and weigh less than this time last year.”

“This has been a wonder thing to look forward to each month. These challenges have helped me stay positive through Covid, and stay motivated after a major surgery.”

“I keep finding muscles I didn’t know I had before! “

“I love this group! I struggle with consistancy, but I know that during the Fandomfit week I will do my best to complete each and every challenge. I have also made some amazing friendships with my teammebers who encourage me to live healthy througout the whole month!”

“I hate working out, but the combination of knowing I can’t let my teammates down and the fun of participating in a fandom-themed event pushes me to give it my all for a solid week every month!”

“A wakeup call, once a month, to remind you of the superhero inside of you!”

“This one week a month sets the pace for the rest of the month. It allows me to compete with others and against my personal best.”